Changing Consumer Demographics: The Rise of the SPHH

It’s official. Single Person Households (SPHHs) are now one of the fastest-growing, and most desirable, consumer markets. But how has this change to customer demographics emerged, and what does it mean for service providers?


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Even a decade ago, the standard image of the standard consumer was a 2.4 family with traditional roles. Advertising, branding and customer focus was firmly biased in favour of attracting those falling in to the traditional category of consumers, with the bulk of advertising messages portraying the standard familial construct of mother, father and two children.

However, the demographic picture has changed dramatically over recent years, and it transpires that while still dramatically underserved, the SPHH is one of the most lucrative, and sought-after ma...

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“Work from anywhere and decide the price for your work”, Sounds like a dream-job. Right?

Now you must be wondering about the eligibility criteria for the job. If you are passionate about writing and you are creative, you are exactly the person whom they need.

I know what I am saying and I am totally in my senses. There is more to this… Clients are eagerly waiting for you to bid on the projects with your desired price per word/order and a deadline that suits you.

Contentmart, India’s first content marketplace is the new workplace for the writers who are interested in earning through Online Content Writing.  There is a continuous string of projects and you can bid with the desired price & deadline for write-ups.


All you need to do is to go to the and Reg...

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Online Trading Platform – XTrade

The future trading is here and it is based on web-based trading platforms. Web-based trading platforms like the one XTrade has are very important to the Future trading because it makes it a lot easier to do. Making things easier is crucial as it will attract people do involve in the trade. If you think about it, the way that we trade now is kind of difficult. We require people to buy platforms and charting software just so that they can begin trading live money.

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What About Demo Versions?

The demo versions of these charting software and execution software just isn’t that great. And it is just an added cost to get the live versions too. The cost of learning how to trade is so prohibitive for many people. The overhead costs can be very high as well...

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Are You Considering Forex Trading With Plus500

Forex trading has become extremely popular among the investors from the around the world, which is not something that should surprise us. Even if you are not an expert in this foiled, you have probable heard somewhere that forex is the biggest and the fastest growing financial market in the world. This also means that investors can earn big money in a relatively short period of time. However, we mustn’t think that we can earn here no matter what. Every investor must count on different kinds of unwanted situations and they must be able to react properly. Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing your money in currency trading according to Plus500 broker.

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Why Plus500 Recommends Foreign Currency Trading?

  • The size, volume and activity of the market...
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Things you can do on the internet

The internet is a place where you can literally do anything today. It won’t be wrong to say that it construct a virtual reality around you. It’s a whole other world than the real world. There were days when children like to play different games in the playground. Now a day, every child wants to have an iPhone or tablet and they like to spend more and more time with that. This is because of the different facilities that the internet gives us. Following are few of them:

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1.     Social media and worldwide connections:

Social media and transferring data from one place to another through email are the best advantages that you can get through the internet. Not only thousands, but millions of people are using it and connecting with each other through it...

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How to Find a Reliable Logbook Loan Lender Online


One of largest changes in relation to auto finance field is the emergence of internet credit companies. Online financing alternatives have given consumers a bigger option when it comes to getting a logbook loan, with that have come larger level of competition. An online logbook credit lending company is usually a non bank lending company, who can set up their dealing easily with least outlay, due to this; they are capable to provide clients better rates of interest and a better service while still making good profits.

Find Reliable Loan Provider

One of the main disadvantages when it comes to internet lending is that a logbook loan lending company has a level of anonymity when working on the internet...

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The cc checker validates the Credit Card checker 

Our world has now been in our grip. A single click on the mouse can bring to you a lot of information. So internet is our best friend now. But, it can spoil everything, and can be your nastiest enemy. The technology has made people sharper than before. They are now able to make a big planning that can definitely bring a great loss to the business world. As a worst enemy the online scam can destroy your business, instead of flourishing. These are mainly happening by the credit card fraud. Fortunately the cc checker, that is,  a credit card checker,  is now safe for you to use a credit card which are very often used by frauds for business transactions.

This can be done by use of the numbers that appear on these cards...

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Know These 3 Types of Bad Credit Personal Loans in Australia

Are you out of job? Or have you filed for bankruptcy lately? In either case, one way to resolve your empty bank account is to avail personal loans. So you’re worrying about your poor credit rating, right? Fret no more because Bad Credit Personal Loans in Australia are within your reach. Here’s a rundown of its 3 types to help you come up with a better decision.

  1. Payday loan


If you are used to receiving pay day cash just enough for your daily rituals, you can ask your boss for a payday loan. This includes a lender providing loan to a borrower to be repaid in the next pay day. Though it’s a short term loan, it can be very beneficial to the borrower. In the process, the borrower usually signs a post-dated cheque...

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Offshore venture should be possible in various ways. You can either contribute specifically on a business endeavor or make a radical new business of yours. If you are a representative and have your organization working in your own national ground, then you can take your business to a universal level. The procedure is straightforward. You can make an offshore branch of your organization or a radical new business in another business sector with constrained assets. Chipping away at an expatriate investing is simple as there is simplicity of operation and constrained lawful commitments.  If you live far from your nation of origin and meet their non-residency necessities, you might have the capacity to benefit from contributing your cash offshore...

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The new car is the dream of many people but they are not able to buy because they are not calculative in their life which means that they often save money but don’t the way or time to calculate the monthly regular expensive. It is very easy to afford the can and for that one have to understand the entire monthly expensive that are important to do and the income that the person gets monthly. If you will take a good look and concentrate in your monthly income and expensive then it is very much true that after few month you will be able say that I can afford a car because you will be taking the all misused expenses closed and divert that money as the saving and soon within 6 to 12 months you will be capable of affording the new car for you and for your family.

From your income you must star...

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